Rodent management,
control & elimination.
Rodent management, control, and elimination begin with a thorough inspection of
the structure, building, or property needing such attention. Identifying your rodent
"target" is an important step in deciding what procedure in control must be taken.

Rodents, cunning as they are sneaky, will find their way into your home at one time
or another. Preventive maintenance although very important, is far from everyone's
mind. To many people, the solution is off the shelf products, poisons, and baits.
Unless administered properly, these can endanger non target pests, and cause
more trouble than they are worth. Poisons and chemicals are NOT necessary in
solving a rodent problem.

Rats are underestimated by most people; they are insect disease infested rodents
and should be maintained under control. When left unattended they will turn your
home into an insect, urine, feces, and disease breeding ground. Urine and feces
infested attics can pose a great health threat to you and your family. Rodent
proofing a home is the first step in exclusion. To do a proper job you must go where
the find where the rodent goes, identify the main and all possible entry points. This
begins with an Inspection by one of our highly trained professionals. A thorough
outside inspection must be performed to find all entry points.

In our rodent proofing we find and seal off all access points that rodents might have.
Whether it is a chewed hole or a building imperfection. We will find it and repair it.

Many companies claim they are the best at finding and solving these problems. After
33 years, we know better and we even GUARANTEE all of our work. After all we end
up fixing many mistakes made by other companies lacking proper knowledge.

Understanding that rats are sneaky and great contortionists will help you find their
entry points. Our years of experience have taught us never to underestimate the
cunningness of the rat. Standard rules say a rat fits into a quarter size hole or ½ inch
hole. Experience has told us rats don't care what size the hole is, after all they can
always make it bigger.

Standard rules are for standard companies. We are NOT your standard company;
we go above and beyond to solve your problems.

Our entire rodent proofing is preceded by the trapping of all rodents sealed inside
your attic, crawl space or home and removal of them once caught. Rodent trapping
isn't simply setting traps down. Positioning of traps is vital for success in winning this
battle. Being sure traps are set in the rodent’s path and in the direction of travel.
Identifying the direction of the path of travel is important and often only identifiable by
a trained technician. When baiting the snap traps be sure not to contaminate bait with
human scent. Doing so might render the snap trap useless. Rodents are cautious
when the scent of humans is near and if contaminated they might not approach it.
As it is well documented that rodents carry many infectious diseases: Hantavirus
pulmonary syndrome (HPS), Maurine typhus, Rat-bite fever (RBF) Leptospirosis.

We offer a 1 year guarantee on all work we perform. We would love to talk
to you about our process and how to completely rid your home of rats and
other rodents for good!

Our inspection consists of a
meticulous overview of the
entire property.

Unlike pest control companies,
we specalize in solving your
rodent problem. Don't waste
your time and money on
monthly trapping programs with
pest control companies. We
prevent rodents from entering
the structure all together. Rodent
Proofing is the ONLY method to
rid your home of rats, mice,
and other rodents for good!

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